Originally, the More for Less partnership platform (M4L) was founded by a group of specialists from the real economy and pension fund sector to allow retired people to regain some of the purchasing power that they were losing at a staggering rate, since the professional pension system had ended up in a situation where it was no longer able to provide services comparable to those it had provided in the past.

Shortly after its launch in 2019, the M4L platform had to adapt quickly to nearly two long years of a health crisis. This period was difficult for a large number of companies providing products and services for senior citizens!

Now, More for Less is back at centre stage, with more partners on its platform and an entirely redesigned business model, in order to meet the current needs of senior citizens even better.

Two major changes have been rolled out in 2022:

- The platform is now free for life for all existing members and any new members who join in 2022;

- Access to the platform has been extended to anyone aged 50 or over.

The decision to extend access to younger senior citizens – those aged 50 and over – came about because, as prevailing societal trends show, reaching 50 represents a turning-point in people’s lives, at both a professional and a personal level. This often has serious ramifications for their purchasing power, at a time in life where their employability is in sharp decline!